Teachers: Introduction

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What you need to know about:

>  Why use the arts to develop literacy and numeracy skills

>  How to find the right arts partner and work successfully together

>  Creative Learning through the Arts – an action plan for Wales

>  How to use the Rich Activities and Learning Tools


The Learning Tools are interactive aids that can be used by the whole class (via a whiteboard) or by individual learners / small groups (on tablets) to help pupils plan, prioritise, capture and compare ideas and evaluate. Although the tools support literacy and numeracy skills, they also have much wider application as a learning tool across the curriculum.   

The Rich Activities provide lively and stimulating ideas for developing literacy and numeracy skills through arts-based activities. The class teacher can use them independently or by working in partnership with an artist / arts organisation and they are designed to be used flexibly; you may choose to select individual arts tasks to focus on with your class or tackle the whole suite of activities within a rich activity over an extended period of time.

Case Studies - In this section, you’ll find a range of inspiring examples of successful past school arts projects that have helped develop learners’ literacy and numeracy skills.