Museum Gallery Education

Learning with Museums and Galleries

It is important that children and young people see the relevance in their learning to the world beyond the school gates and that opportunities are taken to forge links to that world. …Visits and visitors can help to bring abstract learning to life.’   Donaldson Report

Museums and galleries can be a rich resource for developing the literacy and numeracy skills of students, including through storytelling, research activities, presentations and ‘takeover’ initiatives originated by Kids in Museums. These involve pupils being given meaningful roles and for example, helping to develop the service in some way such as designing a leaflet, trail, family booklet, event, exhibition, film-making or trialing a new service.

To find art galleries in Wales that welcome school visits, see the Lightbox resource for schools.

Details of what the National Museums in Wales can offer are detailed here.

Other accredited museums in Wales are listed here.


How Museums Support English and Literacyuseful overview with links to research, publications and presentations.

Write On - How to use museums and galleries to improve pupils’ literacy.

Exploring Literacy through Museums - Literacy Trust report (which includes a Talk on Writing Techniques for Teachers)  


Planning a Gallery Visit

Written for teachers taking students to Ffotogallery, but the guidance is helpful for exploring the literacy potential of gallery visits more generally.

Take One PicturetheNational Gallery’s scheme, using one painting to inspire cross curricular work in primary classrooms. The Literacy and numeracy potential is explored at: 



Maths in Museums – bilingual, online resource of 22 activities at the 7 national museums in Wales - using art, science and history collections to develop number, data and measure skills and support LNF. Particularly suitable for Year 6 pupils.



Watch this Space Toolkit

An ENGAGE toolkit on how to set up successful relationships between schools and galleries/museums. Includes case studies and useful templates. Download Watch This Space Toolkit as a pdf


Creative Spaces: Children as co-researchers in the design of museum and gallery learning  (CAPE UK)