This section includes information and advice on sources of funding for schools and arts organisations wishing to undertake arts education initiatives in Wales.  

Arts Council Wales Funding

Arts Council of Wales’ funding and support for schools-related arts projects is currently through  Creative Learning through the Arts, a major joint initiative with Welsh Government that puts creativity and the arts at the heart of learning and runs from 2015-2020. There are three main funding schemes within this programme:

The Lead Creative Schools Scheme aims to promote new ways of working in schools, with innovative and bespoke programmes of learning designed to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Centred on a school’s individual learning challenges, the Lead Creative Schools Scheme provides the creative people, skills and resources to help schools address those challenges. Funding for individual schools and clusters of schools ranges from £10,000 - £29,000 over a 2 year period. Schools are required to contribute a minimum of 25% of the total grant.

The Go and See scheme helps cover the cost of school visits to high-quality arts events in galleries, theatres, arts centres and other venues. Events can include visits to performances and exhibitions or visits to experience arts professionals developing and creating their work. Schools can apply for up to £1,000 at any time in the year and will receive a decision within six-eight weeks. If successful, schools can be awarded up to 90% of the costs of the experience.

Creative Collaborations supports innovative projects between arts organisations and schools. This fund is suitable for schools wishing to work in a sustained way with an artist, or arts / cultural / heritage organisation and you can apply for up to £25,000. Successful applicants can receive up to 90% of the total project costs. The deadlines for 2016 are 13 June and 17 October. Please note that schools already benefiting from a Lead Creative Schools Scheme grant are not eligible to apply to this fund.

Go and See and Creative Collaborations are both part of the Experiencing the Arts Fund. You can read the full Guidelines here The Experiencing the Arts Fund: Guidelines

Other sources of funding (including Trusts and Foundations and other lottery distributors) are listed on the Arts Council Wales website:



The Arts Council England website also lists other possible sources of arts funding



The Wales Council for Voluntary Action’s Funding Portal is a one stop shop for funding advice and opportunities. Whilst it’s aimed at the Third Sector, the information is of wider use.


Welsh Government funding for schools

Pupil Deprivation Grant general information: 

Guidance on the Pupil Deprivation Grant, 2015: